soJin Chun is a Toronto-based curator/artist/arts facilitator who explores the alternative dialogues that emerge in-between cultures and disciplines. Influenced by her experience living in the Korean diaspora in Bolivia and Canada, Chun combines art and community to decolonize the process of image-making. Her work explores artists, identities, spaces and narratives that exist outside of dominant representations. She aims to create spaces to present contemporary art that is socially engaged and relevant for everyday communities while connecting through social and/or political resistance. Collaboration is an essential part of her process as she has worked extensively with BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ communities in Canada and South America.

Through International artist residencies, soJin has developed a collaborative art practice to work with local communities fighting to overcome gentrification and displacement. As an artist, Chun has participated in international film festivals such as the Oberhausen International Film Festival (2020). She has exhibited Internationally in DIY art spaces, galleries and museums. soJin’s video works are represented by GIV (Montreal), CFMDC (Toronto) and V-Tape (Toronto). Chun has a B.A. in Applied Arts from Ryerson University and a Masters in Communications and Culture from Ryerson/York Universities.



2021                   Ontario Arts Council: Curatorial Projects – Indigenous & Culturally Diverse

2019                   Toronto Arts Council:  Media Artists Program – Mid Career

2018                   Canada Council for the Arts:  Research and Creation – Mid Career

                            Canada Council for the Arts:  Travel Assistance to Media Artists

2016                   Ontario Arts Council:  Access and Career Development

                            Canada Council for the Arts: Travel Assistance to Media Artists

2015                   Ontario Arts Council: Exhibition Assistance to Visual Artists

2014                   Award for Top 10 Projects – XIX Biennale of Visual Arts in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

                            Toronto Arts Council:  Media Artist Grant – Mid Career

                            Canada Council for the Arts: Travel Assistance to Media Artists

2012                    Ontario Arts Council: National and International Residencies

2011                    Letters from the Sky Festival:  Green Conscience Award, South Africa

2010                   Canada Council for the Arts: Travel Assistance to Media Artists

                            Ontario Arts Council: Emerging Artist Visual Arts & Exhibition Assistance

2009                  Ontario Arts Council: Access and Career Development & Exhibition Assistance

2004                  Ontario Arts Council:  Emerging Visual Arts, & Exhibition Assistance

FILM SCREENINGS (Full List available upon request)

2021   This is London, A Land With Too Much Bread: 8 Fest, Canada

            Wish: On this Land, Canada

            Various films: Researching Latin Canadian Cinema, Canada

            2020 Flux Cities: Horto: Alucine Latino Film & Video Festival, Canada

            ReOriented in Sao Paulo: Alucine Latino Film & Video Festival, Canada

            Flux Cities: Horto:  International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany

2019   Flux Cities: Horto:  Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, Brazil

            Exquisite Corpse Video Project 6: Videoformes, Israel & France; Now & After

            Video Art Festival, Russia; GIV, Canada; & Clinic Gallery, Japan

            Treasure Hill Camouflage @ Tar Beach: Maryland Institute College of Art, USA

2018   Cooling Reactors & Treasure Hill Camouflage: Cine Toro, Colombia

            Aturquesada: Exposure to the Elements, Arkipel Festival, Indonesia

2017    Industrious Dreams: Alucine Latino Film & Media Festival, Canada

            Officer Tuba Meets Happy Ghost: Festival de Cine Experimental, Colombia

            Exquisite Corpse Video Project 5: Videoformes, France

            Officer Tuba Meets Happy Ghost: MIX New York, USA

2016    Exquisite Corpse Video Project 5: Montage Express, Hong Kong; Contemporary Art Rurh, Media Art Fair, Germany; & Central Galerie, Brazil

             Treasure Hill Camouflage: Nuit Blanche 2016, OCAD University, Canada

             Officer Tuba Meets Happy Ghost: BAFNET, F.A.Q. Laden, Germany

             GIV le 40e Centre Audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir, France; & Elles Tournent Dames, Belgium

2015    Cooling Reactors: VideOntario Outwards Manifestations, SAW Video, Canada

2014    Officer Tuba Meets Happy Ghost: Jornadas de Reapropiación, Mexico;

             Le Petite Versailles Garden, USA; & Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Colombia

            Quiero: International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany

2014   Industrious Dreams: AIVA Video Art Festival, Sweden

            ReOriented in Sao Paulo: Laidak, Germany & Atelier Sofia Underground, Bulgaria

            Jalopy #1: Media X, Videopool, Canada

2013   Jalopy #1: Media X, Gallerywest, Canada

            Officer Tuba Meets Happy Ghost: Toronto International Reelasian Film Festival

            Exquisite Corpse Video Project Volume 3: Photon Gallery, Slovenia

            Treasure Hill Camouflage: Monitor 9, SAVAC, Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre,  Canada; Art Gallery of Mississauga, Canada; no.w.here, England; Innis Town Hall, Canada

           Treasure Hill Camouflage: Strange Representations, Saw Gallery, Canada

           Various titles: North Bay’s Asian Film Festival, Capitol Centre, Canada

2012   ReOriented in Sao Paulo: LAKINO Film Festival Berlin, Kino Babilon, Germany

            ReOriented in Sao Paulo: Tempo Forte, Casa das Caldeiras, Brazil

            An Urban Lullaby: Montreal Underground Film Festival Canada

           Exquisite Corpse Video Project Volume 3: AIVA, Sweden

           Cooling Reactors: Toronto New Works – Pleasuredome, Canada


          Cooling Reactors: Letters from the Sky: Experimental Films Canada Climate Change, Across various locations in South Africa on the Climate Change train.

2011   Exquisite Corpse Video Project Volume 3: Sessao Corredor, Ateliê397, Brazil; Databaz, France; Watertowerfest, Bulgaria; Objectifs, Singapore; FILM & Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Argentina, Videoformes, Clermont Ferrand, France

            Latino Canadian Artist Screening, Queen’s Museum in New York City, USA

            ReOriented in Sao Paulo:  I am Braziliality, London, England

2009  Suburban Origami: Nuit Blanche, The Rhino Animated Film Fest, Canada


2019 FLUX-CITIES: Bradley Museum, Canada

Expanded Cinema: International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany

2016   Aturquesada Installation: Festival of Alternative Arts Sudbury, Canada

2015   The Spectrum of Hypergeometric Distribution: PNR COLLECTIVE

            White Water Gallery, Canada  (Collective solo)

2014 XIX Biennale of Visual Arts in Santa Cruz: Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Bolivia

2013~2014         Architecture of Boom: PNR Collective, Attic Gallery, Taiwan  (Collective solo)

2013                    Autores en Selection: FotoNoviembre, Canary Islands, Spain

2008                    ReMaking KM6: Kiosko Galeria, Bolivia

2019 Tamales Aturquesados performance: El Encuentro, Ex Teresa, Mexico

Colour Theory: SAY Artspace/Gallery, Korea (2 person exhibition)

2018 Exquisite Corpse Video Project 5: Gwen Frostic, Western Michigan University

SELECT GROUP EXHIBITIONS (Full list available upon request)

2022 Emancipation of Colour (Working Title), Sur Gallery, Canada (Upcoming)

2021 Art, Labour, Bop,  Alternative Art Space Ipo, South Korea

2020 I Am Telling You I Am Really Here: Franz Kaka, Canada

2017  Aturquesada Performance:  Junction Arts Fest, Canada

          Aturquesada performance: El Encuentro Conference, Chile

Feeling Exhibition: Alucine Latino Film & Media Festival, Canada

2014                   Officer Tuba Meets Happy Ghost & ReOriented in Sao Paulo: El Encuentro, Conference, Concordia University, Canada

2014                  Strange Representations: Gallery 101, Canada

2012~2013         The Gaze: Art Gallery of Mississauga, Canada

2012                   Mostra de Imagem em Movimento: SESCTV, Brazil

                            Traffic Jam#2: Cross Gallery, Taiwan

2011                   Lost Secret of the Royal exhibition: Reelasian Film Festival, A Space Gallery, Commissioned project Officer Tuba Meets Happy Ghost (2-person exhibition)

                           Atlantica Colectiva: FotoNoviembre Festival, Canary Islands Spain

                          Fraction Memory: OCAD University Graduate Gallery, Canada

2010                  Then & Now: A-Space Windows Gallery, Canada

                           That was then, This is Now: Zoellner Arts Centre, Leigh University Art Gallery,

                           Traffic Jam #1: Matilha Cultural, Brazil

2009                  Residency Exhibition: Loznica Cultura Centre, Serbia

                           Cut and Paste Project: Gallery 44 Vitrines, Canada

2007                  El Placer: IPN, Mexico


2019 Association of Horto’s Residents, Horto, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (self-directed)

Mullae’s Art Village, Seoul, Korea (self-directed)

2018                    Mentoring Artist for Women’s Art (MAWA), Winnipeg, Canada

2016                   CAPACETE, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2014                   Treasure Hill Artist Village, -ALSO Collective, Taipei, Taiwan

2012                   Treasure Hill Artist Village, Traffic Jam Project #2, Taipei, Taiwan

2010                   Casa das Caldeiras, Traffic Jam Project #1, Sao Paulo, Brazil

2009                   Loznica Cultural Centre and Belgrado School of Fine Arts, Trisc, Serbia

2008                   Kiosko Galeria, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  Funded by Triangle Foundation.


2022 Archives of Resistance (online exhibition): CFMDC, White Water Gallery, Canada

2021 FEMtastic Film Club Screening Series: MAWA, Winnipeg, Canada

2020 Artist Talk with Mullaedong Korean Artists: ConverSalon Collective, Toronto, ON

2019 Fly by Night: Pleasuredome, Toronto, Canada (Collective curation)

2019 Artist Talk with Marton Robinson: ConverSalon Collective, Toronto, ON

2018  Migratory Crisis: Pleasuredome, Toronto, Canada

2017  Possible Worlds, Unseen Worlds: Daniel Spectrum Regent Park Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

2017  Collecting Personal Archives with the Truth and Dare Project, Community Art Space, Gardiner Museum of Art, Toronto, Canada

2017   Universal Loss: Gallery 101, Toronto, Canada (Curated with Ulysses Castellanos)

2017   Jorge Lozano Artist Talk & Screening, CAPACETE, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2016   Archives of Resistance: CAPACETE, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2016 Ice Follies Festival, Installation by Jihee Min for Gallery 44, North Bay, ON

2015   NS Photo Exchange (Curated with Jasmine Bakalarz), MACBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina & Gallery 44, Toronto, Canada

2013 Experimental Asian Films: Asian North Film Festival, North Bay, Canada

2010  All Inclusive: HotShot, Canada (curated with Alexandra Gelis)

2005 La Lucha: Embassy bar, Toronto, Canada (curated with Rita Kamacho)

2005 La Pocha Nostra with Guillermo Gomez Peña: Toronto Free Gallery, Canada (Curated with Amelia Jimenez & Heather Haynes)


Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre and V-Tape (Toronto) & GIV (Montreal) Canada


Zoellner Arts Centre, Leigh University Art Gallery, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.