Treasure Hill Camouflage

Treasure Hill Camouflage lightheartedly examines the notion of assimilation through performances for video while examining cultural and physical camouflage as a method of survival.  In Taiwan, my natural Asian appearance deceives my “real” identity, allowing me to camouflage as Chinese or Taiwanese.  Camouflaging is also a military technique and a method of survival, a tactic to blend into the landscape in order to stay alive.

Through subtle and humorous strategies, my body becomes part of a landscape, which points to the underlying correlation between culture, space, physicality, and belonging.  This video consists of six short scenes that read like six photographs in which I pose in innocuous positions against the architectural landscape of Treasure Hill, a former slum in Taipei where ex soldiers from the war as well as local artist had built their homes illegally.  Today, Treasure Hill is a historical site that is rapidly changing due to urban development.

This project was part of Traffic Jam #2: Taipei where International video artists gathered for 2 months in this city to create videos responding to this busy metropolis.  Treasure Hill Camouflage was inspired by the history, language, and culture of Taiwan as well as my experience becoming part of this environment.